Our Development CycleOur Development Cycle

Research and Analysis Workshops (R.A.W)

To commence your project our business consultants will do a pre-evaluation of your current business, conducting interviews with your clients, target audience and business strategy workshops. As a team, we will chalk out key features of your project [App Development or Web Development] through UX and Design Sprint Workshops. Our task includes creating use case diagrams, flow charts, mapping the customer journey to define success metrics. For startups we use recommend working on threats and opportunities during planning phase. Research and Analysis Workshops when correctly executed can save significant time and money and ensure that project stakeholders are on the same page and you are efficiently investing in the optimal solution.

Customer Research and UX Design

Effective software development starts with understanding the user, to ensure your solution meets your customers’ expectations. User-centric design is at the core of our approach to delivering your web application. Contextual interviews, customer personas and interactive stakeholder workshops pave the way for the best user interface architecture. The outcome is a set of interactive wireframes – ready for usability testing !

Content Strategy

Without the content, media, and data, your solution won’t fly. Make sure that data sources, content structure, and taxonomies all work together to engage and empower your users.

Graphic Design

Guided by your branding guidelines and fuelled by visual inspirations, we’ll design and brainstorm a set of mood boards, collaboratively arriving at the most effective Ul aesthetics. The outcome of this stage is a final design of all views and a design system.

Agile Development

Agile approach in web app development means working dynamically in a sprint. Your solution will be delivered incrementally, enabling your team to have insight and control at every stage of the progress. Our experienced development team capitalizes on all modern web development best practices, including continuous integration and continuous deployment approaches.

Testing and Launch

Testing your new application ensures cross-web browser and cross-device compatibility. Our solutions pass third party penetration tests so you can be sure of complete security and solution scalability. We also use private acceptance demo versions to keep you updated on test results.

Maintenance and Support

After project delivery, we provide you with constant support, as well as automated uptime monitoring and performance feedback – 24/7/365. With certified server administrators on our team we are able to take full care of your app’s infrastructure, security and software updates, so you can rest assured that it’s running smoothly.


Our goal is to build long-lasting partnerships, constantly developing your digital growth. After the launch we are able to provide you with a constant stream of solutions for further business development. We develop growth strategies and utilise growth hacking to drive your digital transformation even further.

You can further enhance your web presence through conversion optimization techniques, usability tests, audits, SEO/SEM strategies, reach generation and marketing automation. Our team of digital growth consultants will guide you in choosing the digital transformation path that is right for you and assist you in the implementation of your long-term digital development strategy.

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